We have many talented staffs and edge facilities to meet the needs from customers in several industries.

Information on our company

The outline of our company

Firm name KURATA ELECTRIC co., Ltd.
Capital Sixty million yen
Representative the president CHIKARA KURATA
The head office factory Zip/Postal Code: 334-0075
2-1-29, Edobukuro, Kawaguchi-shi,
[TEL] 048-285-7331 (Key-number)
[FAX] 048-285-7330
[E-MAIL] sale-div@kurata-ele.jp
[URL] http://www.kurata-ele.jp
Operations ■precision parts for cars.
precision point of contact with a small motor.
Micro switches for OA appliances, and precision parts for constructing OA appliances.
Starting parts for refrigerators and a point of contact for opening and shutting appliances.
Various workpieces of HETTA.
Precision insert molding.
Production of other special points of contact and the assembly of precision parts.
Press and special welding workpieces.
Employees 40 members
Dealing banks Tokyo Tomin Bank
Mizuho Bank
Saitama Risona Bank


History of our company

March 1964 The Institute of KURATA ELECTRIC INDUSTRY is founded, dealing with the development of processing technology of various electron points of contact.
April 1964 Steady mass production system starts through the introduction of automatic welding machine.
October 1967 A new building for our company is built in Yanaka.
August 1970 The name of our company is changed to KURATA ELECTRIC Co., Ltd. With the capital of ten million yen.
March 1971 Enlargement of the building for machinery is completed.
June 1972 The new factory is completed in the city of Tsuchiura. 
February 1973 Capita increase to twenty million yen.
April 1973 The introduction of the newest automatic welding machine made in Switzerland.
March 1979 Capital increase to sixty million yen.
June 1982 The introduction of the newest cross-bar automatic welding machine.
May 1983 The introduction of Mitoh automatic checking machine.
February 1984 The introduction of the improved cross-bar automatic welding machine.
August 1987 The introduction of wire-ASSY automatic machine No.1 to No.4 planned and developed by our company.
March 1988 The introduction of TWO DYE THREE BROW type high speed machine.
April 1990 The introduction of TWO DYE THREE BROW type high speed HETTA machine.
January 1993 The introduction of the super high speed pressing machine.
September 1994 The introduction of the GROSS-LEAK automatic checking machine.
February 1995 The introduction of HANDA-wire automatic processing machine.
March 1995 The introduction of HANDA automatic machine.
May 1996 The introduction of the newest automatic molding machine.
September 1998 The introduction of super soundless half automatic air pressing machine.
May 1999 The introduction of the new type picture checking machine.
September 2002 Completion of broad band network among in our company, out of our company in China.
June 2003 The introduction of full automatic washing machine
October 2003 The introduction of three-dimensional full automatic measuring machine made by OGP Co., Ltd.