We have many talented staffs and edge facilities to meet the needs from customers in several industries.

Quality and Environmental policy

Quality and Environment (ISO14001)

We have acquired certification of ISO14001 in 2008 Feb. We are aiming at the company who can be a beneficial together with the globe so that we can keep improving our products quality. Moreover, we are following environmental policy to preserve global nature and environment and enforce recycling and reusing valued resources. 

Quality policy

  1. We do our jobs in accurate, quick and work on consideration with global perspective.
  2. We commit to providing reliable and satisfied products for valued customers needs. 
  3. We always respect proud as human, and focus on sustainable environment. 

Environmental policy


As an electrical components processing company, we strive to deal with conservation of the global environment all together.

We operate management system for contributing to the society with continuous improvement.

5 principles of environmental management

  1. We comply the regulations regarding environmental and the requirements which are agreed. 
  2. We properly manage the things that are enable to affect to environment throughout entire business process and materials so that we can prevent environmental pollutions. 
  3. We actively promote low consumption of energy, resources, actively utilize recycles, and strive to reduce industrial waste. 
  4. We set the targets and objective for environmental every single year, and we try to proceed that plan with all employees. 
  5. We will revise the targets and goal for environmental conversation as needed. We provide environmental education to all employees, and produce green products, then try to improve environmental conservation.