We have many talented staffs and edge facilities to meet the needs from customers in several industries.

Global Network

Aiming at the future full of probability

"Change materials into something clear to use

" This automatic press line is for making up the base of production. We always try to make high quality products at low cost. And also to make it better, we try to find out how to reform our factory and how to promote the rationalization of management.

Aiming at the future with acceleration

"No good products without working with joy"

We’ve tried to make our place easy to work for the eged and women employees under the bright and clear working environment, Not only for higher technology with much efficiency, but also for the mental phase of the employees.

Trying to face the future and to see the present days as they are

"Men’s ability is infinite"

Some progress slowly, some progress suddenly; that depends. Anyway one’s ability keeps on growing. We’ll be happy to look up to characteristic traits and support each of them who does his best to grow as much as possible.